Transfer of Technology and Cooperation

Numerous institutes of technology transfer and education centers emphasize the regional and national demand for a close cooperation between science and economy.

University of Applied Sience

With high-quality-training and education the competence in plastics is strengthened further. Students of industrial-engineering is offered the special degree "plastic-technology" at the University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach. This has been implemented in close cooperation with the industry and is the promising base for future developments.

Courses in the „plastic-technology"-degree:

• chemistry and physics of polymers
• construction and engineering of tools
• production and preparation of plastics
• processing of plastics (e.g. injection mouldings, extruding)
• adding technology of plastics and surface techniques
• polymer-mechatronic
• polymer-information systems 



University of Applied Science Ansbach (Fachhochschule Ansbach)
Mr. Prof. Dr. Ing. Hermann Kirchhöfer
Residenzstraße 8 · 91522 Ansbach
phone: +49(981) 48 77-300
fax: +49(981) 48 77-302

Maschinenbauschule Ansbach

For more than a hundred years mechanics and technicians in mechanical engineering are educated and trained at the Maschinenbauschule Ansbach, a group of vocational schools.
The Maschinenbauschule has a strong reputation as a practical orientated institution, that combines sturdy mechanical engineering with modern technology and team spirit.

Maschinenbauschule Ansbach
Herr Direktor Wolfgang Wechsler
Eyber Straße 73, 91522 Ansbach
Tel. 0981/ 97098-0, Fax 0981/ 97098-60

Vocational School Rothenburg o.d.T. - Dinkelsbühl

The specialized branch of schooling for the binary training system in process engineering for plastics- and latex technology in the administrative districts of Middle Frankonia and Swabia is located at the Dinkelsbühl site of the vocational school Rothenburg o.d.T. – Dinkelsbühl.
Currently more than 400 trainees are educated, most of them live in Dinkelsbühl during the training period. Specially trained teachers and sophisticated technical equipment for plastic treatment is available. The school staff is in close contact with apprenticeship companies and business institutions alike.

The focus in the first and second year of vocational training is:

• shaped parts
• semi-finished materials
• multi-layer latex parts
• components

The focus in the third year of vocational training is:

• shaped parts
• semi-finished materials

Vocational School Rothenburg o.d.T – Dinkelsbühl
(Staatliche Berufsschule Rothenburg o.d.T – Dinkelsbühl)
Mr. OStD Dr. F. Nichterlein
Bezoldweg 32
91541 Rothenburg o.d.T
phone: +49(9861) 3094
fax: +49(9861) 1836

Mr. Gerhard Meier
Nördlinger Straße 22
91550 Dinkelsbühl
phone: +49(9851) 3442
fax: +49(9851) 2857

SKZ (Süddeutsches Kunststoff Zentrum)
Mr. Prof. Dr. Burghard Schmitt
Frankfurter Straße 15-17
97082 Würzburg
phone: +49(931) 4104-0
fax: +49(931) 4104-177

SKZ (Sueddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum) is a professional service provider to the plastics industry specialized in training for specialists and executives, recognized testing procedures for plastic materials, development and research.
SKZ works together with the suppliers of raw materials, production companies, machine builders and system builders throughout the world. Other areas of involvement are examinations, type approval and development of plastic components and monitoring the production of component parts. Today SKZ is the market leader in Europe and monitors more than 900 plastic products from more than 400 companies throughout the world 


Chamber of Commerce – UserClub New materials
The "UserClub New Materials" of the Chamber of Commerce with its working group "plastics and compounds" works as a place for contacts, information and exchange between manufacturers, users, and developers within the plastic industry.
Regulary meetings serve as a platform for new results from research and development and the latest trends in technology. Members of the UserClub also show own competence and current and future projects and problems and thereby create a vivid regional network of competence in plastics.

Chamber of Commerce Nuremberg
IHK Nürnberg für Mittelfranken
IHK-AnwenderClub Neue Materialien
Mrs. Dr. rer. nat. Elfriede Eberl
Hauptmarkt 25-27
90403 Nürnberg
phone: +49(911) 1335-431
fax: +49(911) 1335-122