Competence with respect to Information Technology within the Administrative District Ansbach

Hardly any other industrial branch has been growing quicker than the one of information and communication technology.
In this respect, the area surrounding Nuremberg takes an extraordinary position. For the last 10 years, the administrative district Ansbach, which is part of the above mentioned region, has gradually become an interesting site with regard to information and communication industry.

Within the administrative district Ansbach one will find more than 170 enterprises which, in particular, concentrate on different domains like software, media and multimedia, communications, information technology services, consulting and programming.

For enterprises operating in the sector of information technology, the most essential aspect for choosing an industrial site is the availability of qualified, trained employees. Respectively, small and medium sized companies gain a lot from excellent training facilities existing in this area. Even universities gave birth to a number of companies.

In Bavaria, the course of study "Multimedia and Communication Technology" as well as the supplementary course of study "Information and Multimedia" offered by the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach have been put into action in a unique way.



Graduates who are already working have the chance to make use of modern media for various tasks. Apart from scientific basics, the students are taught how to deal with the new information and communication technology. The graduates gain knowledge as far as the digital creation, design and processing of multimedia information is concerned. In addition, the acquired professional experience of the students enables them to decide from a strategic point of view, on the application of new technologies and services.

Below you will find a list of the individual classes of the course of study "Multimedia and Information Technology":
·Communications engineering
·Data processing
·Theory of communication processes
·Television engineering
·Electronic camera
·Radio engineering
·Communication networks
·Information with respect to text, sound and picture

The students gain their specialized knowledge and the required key qualifications which enable them to handle business information systems while participating in the course study called "Business Applications and Computer Sciences".

The state run vocational school Ansbach offers a one year lasting program to students in order to train them for professions in the field of information and communication technology. Besides classes in general education the students are taught courses in specialized mathematics, basics of electrical engineering, utility supply systems, IT-systems, methods of application and procedures of business administration which also include accounting. However, one of the essential elements of this kind of education is the on the job training.

In addition to offering services, the "Telematic Center" located in Dürrwangen takes care of direct marketing and it serves as a center of information transfer within the domain of new media. Thus, regional medium sized companies have the opportunity to process orders by making use of tele-working jobs. Furthermore, the "Telematic Center" houses the "Center of Medical Communication" where the most modern technology concerning information is put into action.

In the following are mentioned only a few IT-companies which may serve as an example for the wide diversity of this industry:
• Multimedia
• Components
• Systems solutions
• Design & Hosting
• Data processing
• Payment and accounting systems
• Advice and consulting
• Software and programming

Transfer of Technology and Co-operation
The existing regional and national demand with respect to a close co-operation between science and economy, in particular in the field of information technology, becomes apparent by an innovative and specialized university education.

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